Monday, June 28, 2021

US bleak record of conduct and its unwavering support for terrorist outfits

You have most probably heard numerous reports about the US unwavering support for terrorist outfits, and the role of the US in formation of Al-Qaeda terrorist group, in addition to usage of terrorist outfits for advancement of US meddlesome policies.
We discuss the US bleak record of conduct in its unwavering support for terrorism, on the occasion of 8th of the Iranian month of Shahrivar in the Iranian solar calendar year, named as the Iranian National Day of Campaign against Terrorism.
What is the definition of terror and terrorism?
The word terror is defined as an act which aims to instill fear among people.
Hence, upon hearing the word terror, a long list of acts of violence, murders and crimes spring into mind.
Terrorism is a familiar phenomenon for the Iranian nation, which is one of the main victims of this ominous phenomenon. Eight of the Iranian month of Shahrivar in the Iranian solar calendar year is named as the National Day of Campaign against Terrorism.
This day marks the anniversary of martyrdom of the former Iranian President, Mohammad Ali Rajai, and former Iranian premier, Mohammad Javad Bahonar, at the hands of the MKO terrorist outfit, in the early years after the victory of Iran's Islamic Revolution.
In the afternoon of 8th of the Iranian month of Shahrivar of the Iranian solar calendar year 1360, a bomb went off at the meeting of Iran's Supreme National Security Council.  Due to the detonation of this bomb, which was placed in a briefcase, the 1st and 2nd floors of the related building were set on fire.
Due to this explosion, the former Iranian president, Mohammad Ali Rajai, and the former Iranian premier, Mohammad Javad Bahonar, courted martyrdom.
This tragic incident took place two months after another explosion at the Islamic Republic Party headquarters on the 7th of the Iranian month of Tir, in which the former Iranian Judiciary Chief, Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Husseini Beheshti, and more than seventy political and executive members of Islamic Republic Party attained martyrdom.
Based on an Associated Press report, MKO terrorist outfit ringleaders have bribed some US senators, for the latter to lobby for this terrorist group.  In the past, some of the US officials, such as the Trump Administration Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, and the former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, were named among the US officials, who have received sums of money, for delivering speeches in favor of MKO terrorist outfit.
The Leader of Islamic Revolution, in an address to the families of martyrs of the tragic incident on the 7th of the Iranian month of Tir in the Iranian solar calendar year 1360, pointed out that those, who have committed terrorist crimes in Iran, are currently operating freely in Europe and the US, meeting and conferring with those countries' officials. These criminals even deliver speeches on human rights in the meetings which are convened for them.
Leader of Islamic Revolution referred to such shameful acts as a major disgrace for the European regimes and the US, adding that: "The operatives of this terrorist outfits are those who baselessly claimed to defend the nation and Islam, while later committing heinous crimes such as the tragic incident on 7th of the Iranian month of Tir in the Iranian solar calendar year 1360, in addition to assassination of ordinary people. These terrorists have been ultimately named alongside criminals such as the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. The US has maintained an unwavering support for the MKO terrorist outfit."
The MKO terrorists, who had attempted to topple the sacred Islamic system, and had assassinated numerous Iranian officials and people, fled to Paris, and Iraq. Throughout 1991 and 1992 incidents, the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, made use of MKO terrorists for the suppression of Iraqi Kurds, plotting and masterminding the ethnic cleansing of Kurdish people. Several thousand women and children were slaughtered in the wake of this plot. In the aftermath of the ouster of the former Iraqi dictator; the MKO terrorist outfit was still supported by the US. MKO operatives were accommodated in a US military base, in the vicinity of Baghdad, for a while. Later on, MKO operatives, with the support of the US and Britain, headed toward Albania, in order to freely operate in this East European country.
According to the former member of the US National Security Council, Raymond Tanter, who is one of the supporters of MKO terrorist group; MKO is a better option than imposition of sanctions and war, in a bid to advance US schemes against Iran.
US statesmen are completely indifferent toward the massacre of 12,000 Iranian people, and the mass murder of thousands of Iraqis and Kurds by MKO operatives. The US State Department excluded MKO terrorist outfit from the list of terrorist groups. In fact, US officials believe that the goal justifies the means.
Undoubtedly, in order to campaign against terrorism, this unwanted phenomenon should be uprooted and its financial sources should be cut. As a reminder, the campaign against terrorism has not ended, and a number of threats still exist. Meanwhile, Iran has proven its influential role in the campaign against terrorism. The accomplishments of Islamic Republic of Iran in the campaign against terrorism in Syria, proves this fact.
The American analyst, Jeffrey Sachs, in one of his articles which have been posted on Project Syndicate website, notes: Defeating Daesh is not difficult, given that this terrorist group does not have many forces. However, the main problem is that the US and its allies do not consider Daesh terrorist outfit as their main enemy.
Currently, due to regional conditions, and international necessities; the overriding priority in cooperation should be uproot of terrorism and extremism. Iran has always been fully prepared to cooperate with its neighboring countries in the campaign against terrorism. The accomplishments made within the framework of campaign against takfiri terrorism in Syria and Iraq showed that through mutual cooperation; regional security and stability can be re-established.
Meanwhile, campaign against US economic terrorism maintains strategic importance, given that the aim of economic terrorism is to destabilize the economy; to disorganize foundations of livelihood, and to sabotage the lifelines of economy.
Emergence of economic and social problems, rising inflation, shutdown of factories, surging rate of unemployment, shortage of medicine, obstruction of banking and hard currency transactions, and disturbance of imports and exports are the consequences of economic terrorism, within the community.
The US, via such measures, intends to somehow show that it has effective leverages for piling up pressure on countries that oppose the US hostile policies, but to no avail.

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